Friday, August 19, 2016


In her dream, Grandmother Harmony was floating on a log through the tunnel. Grandmother stood firmly on the circling tree trunk, well-balanced despite the current which carried her along. Smoke (or was it mist?) settled all around the old woman and the night air was damp. Grandmother sailed farther into the distance.

            “Wait!” the child cried. “Wait. I can’t keep up.”
            “It’s not time for you to come, Little One. You need to wait awhile yet.”
            “But I can’t stay here alone, Grandmother.”
            “You never are alone.”
            “I’m afraid without you.”
            “Remember to pay attention, Summer. Remember to walk into and through your fear.”
            The child tasted tears on her mouth. “Why are you going away, Grandmother Harmony? Don’t you love me anymore?”
            “My child, you only notice the change now. But it always has been so.”
            Straining her eyes through the tears and the mist, the child could barely see Grandmother Harmony’s visage.“I don’t like you changing.”
            “Hear me in your song, then, as I have taught you. And use your vision well.”
            Summer tried to reach inside for the passion joy. Only heartache greeted her. “My song will not come, Grandmother, will not come without you beside me.”
             But her words drifted away aimlessly into the night sky, along with Grandmother Harmony.

            When Summer woke up, her face was soaked. A dull ache was spreading throughout her center pathway. In the dark room she couldn’t read the clock, but she knew the date already was June 21, summer solstice, her seventh birthday.

            She threw the covers aside, pressing her barefeet to the floor. “Grandmother, grandmother,” she whispered, running down the hallway.

            The door to Harmony’s room was shut and the metal of the large black door handle felt icy as it twisted open in Summer’s small hand.

            Grandmother wouldn’t mind her coming in like this. Many of their best talks happened when Summer padded down the hallway at night, fearful from a dream or maybe just sleepless with a wondering about something. Grandmother was always sitting up when Summer entered her room. Without saying a word, she’d reach out and enclose Summer in the lavender fragrance of her spirit. They’d laugh and whisper secrets until the child fell peacefully back to sleep.

            Tonight though, Grandmother Harmony lay perfectly still. Her hands were folded across her heart and her black hair streamed along the moonlit pillowcase. It was true, then. The movement had come in the night, while Summer slept.  

            Realization of the change was more than the child could bear. She sobbed and fled her safe harbor.

            In the days that followed, Summer opened her galaxy and sent the passion joy flowing out in monstrous waves. In the flood of change, her vision too was swept away. She did not allow the gift of sight to return for many years, though all the while Harmony and the Old Ones patiently watched over her and waited.

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