Friday, November 7, 2008

The One for All of Us

I've finally emerged from my retreat. This election has been exhausting. There were times in the last two weeks when I didn't think I could stand it for another minute! On Wednesday, when it was finally over, I was totally spent. I watched television all day, finally able to enjoy every political discussion, whether from the Right or the Left ... and really loving the crew at MSNBC (even Joe Scarborough, who was ever-so subdued :-)

I was enthralled by Barack's speech, but also felt very sad for him. I immediately saw a difference in his demeanor: somber, serious, deliberate, overwhelmed but -- as ever -- under control. Even his embrace of his beloved Michelle was restrained, as was hers of him. Only with his girls did I see a relax in his body language for a few seconds. This is a man who is undertaking the hopes, not of millions, but of billions of people. No one knows better than Barack what a mess this world is in. Maureen Dowd said it so well, writing in The Times on Wednesday.

This country was/is at a crossroads (the world, actually.. which is much of the point here), where we were either going to get impossibly worse, or try to get better. He is The One in This Time for This Moment. Somehow, we passed the test and I anticipate the world getting on board, because we are indeed one people and we all need a leader.

So many respond to Barack's grace, his civility, his smile that comes almost in spite of himself, his ability to explain to the rest of us what is happening, his gift for inspiring us all to do and be better, his patience, his thoughtfulness that somehow also seems to spring from intuition .. all of his passion wrapped in a somehow DISpassionate nature that can see the big picture, but still handle the small details. He's amazing.

So here we are.. with a heckuva guy for President. Man, it's just lovely, isn't it?