Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Mitchell did not yet know he was Mitchell, but he knew who he was and, also, who he always had been. Now he was simply floating, weightless and formless in the vast.
         There was no sense of light or dark, no sense at all. Simply a drift of being, sailing on a sea of eternity, aware of The All.
         It wasn’t that Mitchell didn’t know anything, because he knew everything. But he was formless now, though ready to become form at the moment of calling. All things were happening at once, so he didn’t need to wait. It was more like shifting -- or coming into -- where cause and effect intersected.
         The fabric was limitless and the intersections multiple beyond infinity. Mitchell simply floated, rested and balanced, embodying every duality in no body at all.

         And it came to pass, as they say, that Mitchell floated upon a certain energy and it attracted him. And from the multi-dimensional fabric, a thread of energy manifested and became a pinpoint of light and he rode that light into existence, taking the Whole of Himself and the Whole of The All with him
         And then he was confined.

         His being continued to soar and float, but now he felt the familiar boundaries, as the form shaped itself around him. He would wait here a bit, becoming more comfortable in the form and matter, adjusting to the denser energies, growing himself into Mitchell.
         In that pinpoint moment -- and for many months yet to come -- he would remember the floating of Before, remember fully who he was Before  ... and know, too, that in time and for a time he would forget. But only for a time.

         And as the earth time passed, Mitchell grew denser in form and also he developed the senses he would need to perceive and function in the denser earth energy.
         By and by he came to hear the voices that had been taken by those he already knew... the softer mother voice and the less frequent, yet deeper, father voice.
         He knew already that She would pass as he came. It had been decided. But for now this did not trouble him, for their Spirits would glide by one another, a kiss of light and formless energy exchanged, a fracture of unconditional love, so effortlessly traded in that space with no thing.

         Mitchell felt the rocking begin and the pressure on his form intensified until the total of his focus was taken with the squeezing and the movement. In earth time, it went on endlessly and it was violent on his form and not pleasant. Had he recalled anything of the Body on Earth, he would have been afraid. But there were no emotions now, only physical feelings, for in coming, he had decided to experience all physical things anew, and that included emotions.

         So Mitchell merely was one with the rocking and the squeezing and the shifting and the narrowing.
         And when there was an intense brightness and a strange chill upon his flesh, he gave it no name. Nor when his chest expanded with a fullness, did he call it air. Only different and of the moment.
         His body did things, but especially his mouth, which reached out and opened and wept and drank and moved rhythmically, even as he slept.

         Another One came and he knew this Spirit in completeness and he was at home with it. And the Spirit came often to be with Mitchell and his body craved the body feelings that the Spirit brought and Mitchell was comforted.
         And, in time, Mitchell’s eyes sought out the Other’s eyes and the feel of the Other’s hands and he came to anticipate and know the touch and the sight and the smell and the sound and the taste of the Other One. And Mitchell only knew his own body in this way.

         Sometimes he would drift and his own Spirit would remember The All. But when he was not drifting, his body was no body without the Other.